Rollbahn Landscape

Rollbahn Landscape

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The first horizontal Rollbahn notebook has been designed as the perfect desktop companion to any note taker, visual thinker or collaborator. If you're someone who needs to get thoughts and ideas to paper, the Delfonics Rollbahn Landscape Desktop notebook is ideal. 
While maintaining the same high quality Delfonic's notebooks are known for, the Rollbahn Landscape series brings a new feature - division guides. These markings on the top, bottom, left and right of every page make it easy to divide the page into halves, thirds, quarters or just about any configuration that your heart desires. It makes it great to draw graphs, make lists, compare and contrast and plan. 
Once again, the Landscape series is made with the same splash-proof cover, elastic closure strap, five plastic pockets for loose pages and sturdy spiral binding that lets the book lay flat. This makes it super easy for multiple people to collaborate on the one project. 
With 120 pages waiting to be filled with ideas, notes, plans and sketches, the Delfonics Rollbahn Landscape Desktop notebook makes for an amazing accessory for any creative.



- size:  20.7 x 17cm; 120pg, 5mm grid

- material: 70gsm off-white/soft yellow paper, metal spiral binding

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