Traveler's Company Brass Ruler
Traveler's Company Brass Ruler

Traveler's Company Brass Ruler

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Established in Japan in 1950, Midori is a Design Stationery brand of international repute - famous and admired for the smoothness of its MD paper, the quality of its brass products and its beautiful leather traveller's notebook.

The Midori Brass Ruler is a marvellous, heavyweight piece of precision. Measuring 15.8 cm long and marked in centimetres and millimetres up to 15cm, the brass ruler is 2cm wide and a seriously handsome little measure!

A great compact size, an encouraging feeling of substance and the vintage aesthetic of brass, ever improving with time. 

This ruler is made through the process of pressing, shaping, bending, and pressing it again. A ruler is used to draw a straight line and measure things with accuracy. The function is so simple, and in a sense, that is why Japanese based delicate technique is required to make this item. One side of the ruler is tilted to make carrying and drawing lines easy. At first, this product will release a gold like color, but as time proceeds, the color deepens a gives a feeling of an antique tool.

Package: H105 x W200 x D3mm
Ruler: H20 x W160mm
Made in Japan

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