618 Scallop Powder
618 Scallop Powder

618 Scallop Powder

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Clean your home and clothes and help Mother Earth along the way.

This powerful natural powder is perfect for washing, disinfecting, deodorising and more.  Made out of up-cycled scallop shells from Tohoku area in Japan. The more you use, the more you clean the earth.

The 618 scallops are sun dried for more than three years, then washed, cleaned, heated and baked into a powder. The powder turns into alkaline (PH12) after dissolving in water and has strong cleaning, disinfecting, deodorising and antibacterial effects.

Give it a try as it is more powerful and safer than baking soda:

  • General household use: 1g (1/4 tsp) per 500ml water in spray bottle
  • Removing pesticides from fresh produce : 1g (1/4tsp) per 1L  5min to soak
  • In your laundry : 3-5g (1Teaspoon) 45L
  • Wash your wetsuits: 1tsp for 30L Water to Soak
  • Deodorise your compost : 1g (1/4tsp) sprinkling in kitchen compost

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