Kinto Slow Coffee Style Kettle
Kinto Slow Coffee Style Kettle

Kinto Slow Coffee Style Kettle

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It simply blew our mind when we saw this elegant, minimalistic design, light-weight and wonderfully sleek look. And it got even more appealing when we figured that we can open/close the lid just with a thumb--isn't this exactly what we've been looking for? 

This seamless design is not only beautiful but carefully created to make the pouring stress-free. The lid is hinged and it makes it very easy for you to open/close with one hand, and there's no need to worry about the lid dropping or burning your hand.

The handle is made of nylon which contains glass fibre to increase durability and realise the smooth but firm grip. This handle has been getting a lot of compliments from professionals, including Kurasu Kyoto baristas, for its magically-fitting grip. Many baristas commented that they usually have to take a while to get handles fitted to their hand, but this handle fits from the start, staying comfortably in hands of a wide varieties of size and shape. 

Narrow spout gives you an ultimate control over the stream--you will be surprised how smooth the water comes out from the very beginning. A smooth-surfaced body of a high-quality stainless, globally approved by many professionals, will not disappoint you either.

KINTO and its SLOW COFFEE STYLE series has been much loved by many, but this POUR OVER series will definitely be KINTO's new go-to product. 

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