Modern Mending :: Erin Lewis-Fitzgerald

Modern Mending :: Erin Lewis-Fitzgerald

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we send millions of tonnes of clothing to landfill each year, and our clothing consumption is one of the highest in the world. But the good news is that mending is trending and it’s never been easier to repair and reinvent your favourite clothes.

Modern Mending is a comprehensive guide to mending your own clothes that combines creativity, sustainability and fun. Inside you'll find:

  • Step-by-step instructions for a wide range of mending techniques, with full-colour process photographs, illustrated diagrams and troubleshooting tips
    • stitching (2 knot methods + 17 stitch methods)
    • patching (6 methods)
    • darning (8 methods)
    • needle felting (4 methods)
    • machine darning (2 methods)
    • 5 extra tutorials and sets of tips for buttons, snags, ladders, zippers and shoes
  • 25 case studies of mended garments, with the story behind each repair and the techniques and materials used
  • 10 sections full of mending guidance and motivation (I like to think of them as paper-based hugs)
    • Helpful Tips
    • Thoughts Before Mending
    • Playing Around with a Design
    • Tools of the Trade
    • Fabric 101
    • This Goes With That (common fabric types with actual-size photographs and descriptions of the best fabrics, yarns, threads, needles and techniques to mend them with)
    • Care: Prevention & Maintenance
    • Share the Love & Increase Your Impact
    • Should I Redo it?
    • Mending for Others & Valuing Your Time
    • Recommended Reading
  • 7 interviews with inspirational modern menders from around the world, with photographs of their work
  • 6 cups of tea
  • 3 amusing cat photos
  • 2 references to the Incredible Hulk
  • 1 zillion helpful tips

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