Our Story

Yeah, we are here at last!
Our Corner Store is a delightful little shop in Bangalow village, of course, nestled on the corner of the main street. We feel very lucky to sell our wares from a hundred-year-old timber shop which once upon a time was the local general store. With side verandah for our outdoor goodies, a warm welcome as you enter and a collection of products that feel like home, Our Corner Store is loved by all.
 After much pleading by our loyal and beautiful followers, we are now very happy and excited to launch our website, www.ourcornerstore.com.au.
 Our Corner Store is a modern take on the traditional general store. Our aim is to find goods that are a little bit of fun, quality, and are made by people that both inspire us, and make us laugh. What we love most is the story behind all our products and the people we meet. We believe in a simple life and naturally, a part of that is consuming less, so we have hand-picked a collection of goods that are both beautiful and part of daily life.
 After lots of chatting, we have decided to start our website with some of our favourite things. Difficult because we love everything in store. We are very proud to share with our customer's collections that we have found, used and loved ourselves. We would like to say a big thank you to our band of merry men. We see our corner store as a team and feel very lucky to be surrounded and supported by such great people. We would love to hear from you.