Shemana :: Mist Range
Shemana :: Mist Range
Shemana :: Mist Range
Shemana :: Mist Range
Shemana :: Mist Range

Shemana :: Mist Range

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Shemana means the Elixir of Life.

A favourite local business who is passionate about sharing Activated Crystalline Skincare with the world, with the intention to offer everybody a sacred moment to align with their highest potential.

We endeavour to bring you the evolution of skincare. 

Use as a body mist & room spray to align your auric field and enhance your atmosphere. 

Crystal Clearing Mist - Designed to balance, clear & cleanse energy. This one-stop Chakra alignment product, is our go-to Mist for multiple occasions. With a natural botanical scented of Rose, Bergamot, Juniper and Cedarwood pure essential oils, this Holistic Healer welcomes fresh energy and clarity of mind, body & spirit. Often referred to as a “Smokeless Smudge Stick”,  as it clears negativity and raises the vibration to a higher level.  The Crystalline Essence remedy aligns the entire chakra system, removing blockages and balances flow. Bringing the emotional, mental and spiritual selves back into unity.

Dream Mist -  Invite a supreme sense of serenity with an essential oil sensory journey of Sandalwood, Bergamot, Lavender and Rose essential oils. Infused with a specially selected Crystalline remedy, designed to assist with recognition and understanding of the subconscious.

Savasana Mist - Enhance your self-care practices with this Yogic Meditation Mist, recreating the feeling of our favourite yoga pose – Savasana / corpse pose, inviting you into a blissful state of awakened surrender.

Shaman Mist - Designed to anchor your higher self into daily reality. This sacred ritual tool is a sensory journey of the deep spicy woody scent of Cedarwood & Juniper with the delicate lift of Rose and Vanilla.Activated with a remedy of Crystal and Wildflower Essences to enhance a grounded connection to Earth and open a channel to higher levels of consciousness. 

Heart Mist - The deeply romantic scent of Rose is the soul of this Elixir, entwined with a sweet vanilla soulmate, this essential oil sensory journey will arouse a heartfelt connection to the purest forms of Love. Infused with an ancient alchemy Crystalline remedy that invites an opening, healing and activation of the true heart. This sacred intimacy tool connects one to their deeper emotions, allowing the language of the Heart to flow freely. 

Welcome the feeling of release and relaxation as the Crystal Elixir and Lotus Essence supports a grounded integration of your limitless power. Infused with a soulful sensory journey of an exotic essential oil aroma of delicate rose florals, sweet fresh citrus and a warm balsam wood base.


- size: 100mL

- material: natural plant-based ingredients- vegan friendly - cruelty free - handmade in Australia


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