Temple Of The Sun :: Hathor Necklace - Gold

Temple Of The Sun :: Hathor Necklace - Gold

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The Hathor Necklace in 18K Gold Vermeil is a delicate statement of bold feminine power. Named after the Egyptian solar deity, mother of Ra, goddess of the sky, women, fertility and love. Always depicted with her horns, symbolic of femininity, and often seen with a sun disc in their protective embrace.

The Hathor Necklace holds a Blue Sapphire protective eye, symbolising wisdom, intuition and spirituality. The Hathor Necklace bestows protection and evokes femininity.

Blue Sapphire is a precious gemstone associated with wisdom, knowledge and insight. Considered sacred across many cultures, its celestial blue hues mirror the night sky. Forever associated with loyalty and commitment, sapphires are traditionally used as an expression of love and devotion.

The eye motif, revered across cultures as a protective talisman, is synonymous with wisdom, knowledge, and insight.


- size: Length - 42cm + 9cm extension

- material: 18k gold vermeil and blue sapphire

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